Monday, April 30, 2012

These girls have just been sponsored

Van's father just returned home from 2 months in hospital as he needed to have part of one leg amputated. He fell from the third floor at a building site and has spinal damage. His wife earns very little. Van, who is very bright, now has a sponsor allowing her will be able to continue her education.

Van with her mother who does house work for wealthy Vietnamese and also collects garbage

Ha is very bright and spoke some English when we met her, not a lot, but clear and good. Her mother has cancer, dad and her brother have both had building accidents and can't work at present. As she now has a sponsor she will be able to continue her education.

Ha with her mother who isn't able to work at present

Thanh Thuy's dad died last week

Thanh Thuy with her mother. Dad died last week after rice harvesting. The only income is from rice they grow, but dad did that as he was stronger and healthier than mum. Now she doesn't know who will do that. Thuy is bright and now her education is ensured as she has a sponsor.

Home life is not happy as granddad is crotchety and aggressive.

Her mother earns little; she collects garbage and helps in a kindergarten sometimes and doesn't earn enough for the girls to continue their education . Now they are sponsored they can.

The family home was sold to pay dad's medical bills, but dad unfortunately died of cancer.

Linh and Trinh and their mother now live in granddad's home (her deceased husbands father's home).

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