Monday, March 11, 2013

Donation of aprons and easels for CEF art days from 'Reaching Out' in Hoi An

'Reaching Out' have donated easels and painting aprons for CEF art days. This gift is not just thoughtful and generous, but special too as 'Reaching Out' staff have disabilities.

The aprons are beautiful, well made, as well as practical; as one side is an oil cloth. The easels will be very useful too!

Thank you to the staff of 'Reaching Out' and to the amazing couple who started up 'Reaching Out'; Binh and Quyen.

Please see the 'Reaching Out'website

If in Hoi An, Vietnam please visit their handicraft shop with beautiful and unique gifts on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. If in need of refreshments such as exquisite flavoured and fragrant teas please visit their beautiful tea house near by, on Tran Phu Street.

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