Saturday, March 23, 2013

UTS Fundraisers for CEF (blog by Graeme)

For two years or so we've been holding various events at the University of Technology in Sydney to raise funds for CEF's programs. Just before Christmas Lyn donated one of her rich fruit cakes and we made $355 for New Year food parcels for the poorest families in CEF's programs.

On most Saturdays Anna brings in chocolate biscuits and we raise about $25 each time. These donations add up to enough for the school costs of at least one girl over a year.

We've also been supporting two girls and one of the girls, Phuong, completed her schooling last year. So this Saturday we had an Easter raffle to pay for Phai who we're now helping. We raised $160!

Thanks to all our supporters who brought in Easter produce and who brought tickets, and especially to Anna, who is the mainstay of these events.

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