Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tam Ky and Nui Thanh home visits, written by Kim Chi

We had a fantastic home visit day going to Tam Ky and Nui Thanh homes on 25th August. We started early at 5:30 AM. It took one and half hours to arrive at Tam Ky. We saw the beautiful landscape as we traveled of the peaceful river and the mountains shrouded in the fog in the early morning.

We were very satisfied about almost all families in Tam Ky and Nui Thanh as they are honest and doing well. All children had a good summer vacation, with some of them attending extra classes, some of them could help their family at home and they studied as well.

I was impressed by Dieu and Bao Linh's family. Dieu has no parents but she has sweet grandparents and siblings who have worked hard to nurture her to become a lovely and gentle girl. Bao Linh’s mother has suffered with an ovarian tumor but she still wants Linh to continue going to high school in Hoi An. Therefore, she works hard to earn money for Linh's studying costs in Hoi An. She is a sweet mother.

We also had a delicious lunch at Thanh Long pagoda in Nui Thanh; it is very peaceful there. I was little tired at the end of the day, but happy because I could get more experiences and understanding about CEF’s children's situation.

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