Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 girls education funded by 'Hoi An Christmas Bazaar'

Update on 3 girls being educated with‘Hoi An Christmas Bazaar’funds:

Thanks to funds raised at the ‘Hoi An Christmas Bazaar’ Children’s Education Foundation is now in term 2 of helping three girls from Dai Loc with their education. We just saw them two days ago. They were all well and here are brief updates on them:

Nhu is in grade 7 now; she likes school and especially her English lessons. Nhu had a swollen eyelid when we visited her; an ant had bitten it!

Her 73 year old granddad who is responsible for her is having cataract surgery today. Her aunt is caring for her while he is incapacitated.

Thien Truc who is in grade 5 now enjoys math and English at school and is glad to be back at school to see her friends. She is quite a small girl and I had some second hand clothes and new socks with me that fitted her.

Vy is also in grade 5 now. She enjoys math and art at school. She finds it a challenge to learn Vietnamese history by heart!

Dad was home after going to HCM City to find some work. As he has spinal degeneration due to long term heavy labor he wasn’t able to do much work in HCM, so he returned home. One of our sponsor organizations in Vietnam is trying to find him work that is not physically stressful. When he is away her aunt look s after her as mum died last year.

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