Friday, October 11, 2013

Excellent results, terrible conditions

This child lives in a hallway with her grandmother and aunt as her parents have died.

Granny is elderly and doesn't work. Auntie has chronic chest infections and emphysema and works erratically. Sometimes she collects garbage and sometimes she moves things around the market for market stalls; what ever she does she doesn't earn much.

Even though she lives in a hallway and her situation is bleak from most peoples perspective, she is a happy child who loves school, works hard and has achieved consistently good results for the three years we have known her.

Thanks to her sponsor she has been supported so she can go to school, has had extra help with things such as the warm bedding for the cool windy winters in the hallway.

Also a local English language school has found a sponsor for her to receive free English tuition and they have helped her for the last two years.

Here are some of her results from last term:

Mathematics: 10.0
Vietnamese: 9.0
Science: 10.0
Computing: 8.0
English: 10.0
Geography: 10.0
History: 10.0

We are very proud of this little girls achievements considering her situation and are thrilled she has had this wonderful support.

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