Saturday, October 18, 2014

After the interviews and while labeling photos is when the experiences hit me the most

We interviewed six girls today; all clearly poor. Their poverty and their challenging situations has just hit me now, while labeling photos from the visits. Obviously I can't show I am upset when doing interviews, so I have to hold myself together, and cut off to a certain degree while doing them.

But when I see the photos of the visits, and label them, then I am hit by what I saw and experienced. The photos bring back the experience strongly. Today the contrast of two particular girls has left me puzzled and unsettled; one who couldn't and wouldn't smile, although she had caring parents in quite good health. Why was she so unhappy, what was troubling her so much? And the second girl who smiled so easily and naturally, even though her father had been a terrible father; aggressive and abusive. Now he was a 'vegetable' due to major brain injury. How could she be so relaxed, so happy, so accepting?

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