Monday, October 13, 2014

CEF's 'Literacy Encouragement Program' - Guest blog by Ngoc

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader"- this is a saying from Margaret Fuller about reading. It is also a part of what CEF wants for our children through the 'Literacy Encouragement Program'. 

Here in Vietnam people do not read whenever they have free time and don't encourage their children to read. Therefore CEF wants to encourage and give the children a chance to improve their reading and their understanding of many subjects through our 'Literacy Encouragement Program'. 
When we shop for books we choose books which are suitable for the different ages of the children. Then we cover them in protective plastic and put each one into a bag that seals to provide the protection needed in Vietnam with its storms, heavy rain, flooding and dust from the farms. We try to teach the children not only to practice their reading but also about caring for and protecting books.

Our aim is not to give books to the children. We run this project with the wish that all the children can extend their knowledge by sharing all the books from the mobile library with each other. We carry the books with us and lend books to children every time we see them. Each child will have a chance to borrow around 3 books each time we visit and of course we bring extra books for children to have a satisfying selection. 

Some children response to us very positively and show that they really like our books. Sometimes they make requests for more books on certain subjects. Because of their love of books they get to know more about the world around them and develop their language skills. They are more confident in communicating and it is improving their reading skills at school and boosting their imagination and creativity. 
I think encouraging reading is essential as it is really urgent all over the world to erase illiteracy. Reading is the most important method to help bring about literacy step by step all over the world. 

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  1. Well written Ngoc. We heartily endorse the library program. Elaine and Bruce