Saturday, April 18, 2015

About CEF's first Life Skills Workshop ~ Guest blog by Kim Chi

CEF’s first ‘Life Skills Workshop’ took place on Sunday, April 12th, 2015. The students were very excited about it, especially the girls who came down from mountainous areas to attend. They had to come to Hoi An a day early in order to be able to join the workshop on time. I and Thuy took them to the ‘Ancient Town’ after they had chicken rice for dinner. It was a first time for some of the children to visit Hoi An. They enjoyed walking around the streets and saw many goods for sale at the ‘Night Market'.

(In town ~ Kim Chi with the students from the mountains. Thuy's photo)

(Kim Chi with the students from the mountains in Hoi An. Thuy's photo)

 Although it was cool and rainy on the workshop day, the hall was warm and they were even warmer as they also did warm up games.

(Warm up exercises. Thuy's photo)

For the morning session the students were divided in 4 groups, with 8 students in each one. In the morning, they learnt about ‘Goal Setting and Time Management’. They worked as a team and discussed each subject enthusiastically. When the lecturer asked about their biggest dream, some of the girls were very realistic. One of the girls said she dreamed her mother would be better as she has kidney cancer, and she cried when telling us of her dream. One other girl said she would like to have a job as soon as possible after her internship because she knows that would help her family. I was very surprised as they were very thoughtful and confident when they shared their dreams. The students gave presentations confidently about the statement ‘Do you think if someone was born into a poor family, they can be rich and successful’. Most of them supposed that the statement was right and they believed they could do that.

(Affirming success is possible even when from a poor family. Thuy's photo)

In the afternoon, it was a very helpful session for the grade 12 and tertiary students as they learnt about ‘CV writing and Interviews’. The lecturer and the students worked really hard on the questions and answers. They shared with each other about how to get information about employers and how to prepare for an interview. It was wonderful that some of the students were able to answer the lecturer’s questions correctly.  

                 (Answering the lecturers questions. Thuy's photo)

The workshop was very important and useful for both students and myself. Thanks to the workshop, the students have more knowledge and they understand themselves better. I also understand more about their thinking and their attitudes and that helps me to work with them as their mentor and also for the future when I plan the next workshop for them.

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