Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Power of Reading Books ~ Guest blog by Kim Chi

I really like reading whenever I have free time and every night before going to bed. I have found a lot of useful knowledge in books which I really need for both my life and my work. 

I just recognized the benefit from reading books when I was in grade 12. I became very stressed from having had a difficult life, plus living in the ‘Children’s Home’ in Hoi An. While living there and when I was in my last year of high school my behavior changed for the worse: I was impolite, jealous, felt disappointed and lonely as I felt no one cared for me. When I was given two helpful books from someone, I could then see, and could hardly believe how rude I had become. After reading these books, my behavior changed. I’ve believed in myself, believed in life since then. I have become confident and experienced the power of attitude. Since then, I save money and buy many books for myself, especially on each birthday.

Fortunately I work for CEF where we have a lot of books. I’ve now borrowed and read many of the books in CEF’s mobile library. This has not only helped me gain more knowledge, but it also enables me to give advice to CEF’s students about which books would be good to read when they want to borrow books.

Over the time I have been borrowing and reading the books from CEF’s library, I have thought of some of our students who should read these books as I know they would help them a lot in their life and with their education.

I have lent some specific CEF books to a CEF student who said she wasn’t confident, especially with communication and it helped her. As I know the benefits of the books we buy from my personal experience and from that of students too, I do hope that CEF will receive further funds for buying more books for mobile library for our students to read.

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