Monday, November 2, 2015

Time with our CEF tertiary students in Ha Noi

I love this time with CEF's tertiary students in Ha Noi. Once a year I go to Ha Noi with a CEF staff member to see our tertiary students, do an update on each of them, sign contracts and give them funds for university.  This year two staff had some holiday together just before we met up with the students, so it was great that the two of them could meet the small handful of students studying in Ha Noi. Our coordinator who lives in Ha Noi was also able to meet us for the late afternoon and evening gatherings.

The students all come from Thai Binh province and they have been sponsored through CEF for many years. We first met them when they were young and tiny, and not even teenagers.  They are all very sweet adults now and it is wonderful to have some time with them.

We try to make it a treat for them and meet in a coffee shop for refreshments and then go to dinner. After dinner we went to Hoan Kiem Lake, had a walk, had ice creams and took photos. It was the first time two of the students had seen Hoan Kiem Lake and they were very excited.

(With the two newest students. It was their first time to see Hoan Kiem Lake)

(Photos by staff and some by Tinh, one of our students who is doing a masters degree in Ha Noi)

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