Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A new bike for many ~ Guest blog by Graeme CEF's manager from Australia, who is in Vietnam at present

Quite a lot of our CEF children slept very well last Saturday night. Not because they were up late doing homework but because they cycled a long way home. They picked up their new bicycles, given by the Renaissance School in Saigon, on Saturday and for some the only way to get them home was to ride them, a distance of up to 15 kilometres in 30 degree temperatures! Now they'll be able to get to school easily.

Some started out in the saddle but caught a bus when the going got tough.

Others strapped their bike on the back of a motorbike

Or rode pillion holding the bike! We were glad they all got home safely.

Some of the Renaissance school students came to Hoi An to be present to give out the 47 bikes.

And helped get them ready.

And our Vietnamese partners from the Women's Union welcomed the families at our pick up points in Dai Loc and Thang Binh.

The young novice monk couldn't have been more pleased. He was one of those who cycled all the way home, a trip that takes us 45 minutes in the car!

We visited some of the families the following day and the delight on the faces of the children, and the parents, was wonderful to see. Thank you Renaissance! The bikes mean so much to the children.

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