Saturday, May 21, 2016

CEF's new staff Ms Vy introduces herself

My name is Nguyen Tran Bao Vy. I have been a CEF staff member for 4 days.

These days have been quite busy. I had to go through all the documents and information related to CEF, especially CEF’s children’s information.  As I have been trained enthusiastically by all the CEF staff I have caught up with the work and tasks quite quickly; however, I still need more time to be familiar with all the work here.

Furthermore, how Mrs. Linda treats and looks after her staff and how all the CEF staff work together has made a strong impression on me since the first day I started working at CEF.  I want to say: “Everything is very nice. It is really worth working in a great foundation like CEF and working in a wonderful team like CEF’s staff team. I will try my best to fulfill CEF’s mission that is to support females from impoverished families to complete their education as well as to give them many opportunities to develop and affirm their role in society”.

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