Monday, September 5, 2016

Budgeting session for some high school students at CEF ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Kim Chi

I was very excited this morning to talk about budgeting at CEF with some children who used to live at Hoi An Children’s Home, which has now shut down.

It was essential for these young adults to learn this subject because now any family that they have has to pay everything for them while they are doing their high schooling and living away from home in shared accommodation. They have to help with accommodation, food, and other living costs now and for some they will need to cover some of their extra tuition too.

These young adults have to consider and choose what is cheap and reasonably priced and just choose essential foods and things, or they won’t have enough money for their studies and living costs.

We want to help them recognize how important budgeting is so they can do their own budgets. Fortunately they were serious about the session as well as confident to ask questions and share their thoughts.

The students worked on the monthly costs for their whole year. I gave them clues and guided them on how to balance their income and expenses, then I edited one of their example budgets to help them to understand what we had been talking about more clearly.

I was very thrilled as they not only learned about budgeting, but also know that they have to work really hard at school, understand their difficult situations and think of having a part time job to help them cover all their costs.

It will be very useful and important knowledge to share with them to help them in life now and also to help them to make realistic decisions about going to university in the future.

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