Saturday, April 30, 2022

New Scholarship Program

It's an exciting time for us at CEF!

What makes us excited this time? It's a new Scholarship Program we are preparing for that starts in August 2022! This program is based in Dong Giang about three hours away from our base in Hoi An, a trip that takes one through beautiful lush mountains.

The school we will be working with has predominently ethnic students, about 90%, mainly coming from Co Tu communities. There are about 69 girls who are doing well in school and are ambitious, these girls we will be considering for our Scholarship Program.

Also! Yes also! We have another smaller Scholarship Program we will be starting at the same time. The high school we will be working with is in Hiep Duc where there is a small number of ethnic girls who are doing well in school. 

We have some funds for the Scholarship Programs, but not enough, so we are fundraising over May and June to ensure all the students we wish to help are supported with a scholarship which will cover costs they have for their education, uniforms and school supplies. As well as that we wish to raise funds for urgent support for the girls and their families too, such as major health issues and accidents and unfortunately poor families rarely have savings to deal with these issues.

These funds will be MATCHED, so this is an excellent time to donate for the Scholarship Programs!

If helping and having your funds MATCHED appeals, write to us and we can give details on the account to use:

(The photos are by Graeme Burn from this trip)

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