Friday, March 18, 2022

A change for the better

  Photos of Tuyen with family back in 2011

CEF's Lua shares about one of our CEF families who no longer is struggling financially:

On a recent home visit we were so happy to get to know that Tuyen’s family is no longer struggling to make ends meet. 

Tuyen is one of CEF's grade 9 students living in Thang Binh and CEF has been supporting her for 9 years. 

Because her parents are blind,  we always have made sure she has enough funds for her education, as well as food or any other support needed.

Her parents used to rent a house on the main road to use as a spa, but about six months ago they had to close the door as they couldn’t earn because of Covid and Covid's social restrictions. Luckily, her father came up with a great idea that he should move his spa to their home in order to save on rent. He also lowered the price of his massages so that more of the local villagers could come to try massage and acupressure at an affordable cost. After three months of working from home he has many repeat customers. More and more people after having therapy at his home are recommending him to their families and friends as they are getting relief from their daily pain due to their spinal degeneration.

The whole family is so happy because now they can manage their finances themselves.  

Recent photo of Tuyen

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