Friday, June 17, 2022

An interview trip in Phuoc Son

 Just a few photos of homes, students and their families from our interview trip in the mountains of Phuoc Son this week. 

All have challenging situations, some have one parent, or no parents, an ill parent or two, and all are without enough of an income to make ends meet, as well as keep their daughters in school. 

We are in the process of discussing each girl and her situation, and how much help she will need. There will be girls who will need scholarships. 

Li's family has four girls. Her parents are healthy but struggle to earn enough to care for and educate the girls. Mum takes the youngest, strapped to her, when she needs to work in the fields.  Dad works in a goldmine. This is a dangeous job unfortuntely.

                                                 Li's home

Li dreams of being a policewoman and needs someone to take on her scholarship for grade 11.

Hanh with her parents who sadly are alcoholics and don't care for her or support her

                 Fortunately Hanh recently received a scholarship


Ni, with her auntie who has been caring for her since she became an orphan, and her cousin. Dad has had a stroke and can't work, but auntie works as a labourer when her health is good enough. Ni has a scholarship. 

View from Ni's home

Lo with mum who has poor health and hasn't been able to work for many years, and on top of that dad died three years ago so there has been no income. All relatives are poor but when anyone has extra food or money they share it with her, so she has enough to live off, but no funds for Lo's education. Lo has been living with an aunt in exchange for housework and childcare, this unfortunately has meant she has had little study time. Now she has a scholarship, this will provide her with extra tuition in three subjects which will help her grades come up further.  
Fortunately Lo has a scholarship.

                                        Lo's home

Our interview trips are always interesting and enable us to learn so much about the girls their families and living environment. More importantly they help us to know who needs urgent help to remain in school and what help we could provide the family with to reduce the pressure on their daughters to leave school and work. 

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