Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Art work donated for the ARTEA auction

And some more wonderful art work CEF has been donated for raising funds for our new Scholarship Program in Dong Giang, 'Educating Ethnic Girls'. These pieces have been donated by professional artists. 

Funds raised will go on Scholarships which won't just cover education and education related costs, but also provide monthly support for personal hygiene. Any urgent situations with their farming families will be provided, reducing the risk of the girls needing to leave school to work to help the family.

'Educating Ethnic Girls' keeps them in high school! We believe in them receiving a full education, delaying their marriages and childbearing, which normally happens early, in their teenage years. Also for every year of education a girl has, she has the potential to earn an extra 20% when she goes to work. 

All funds will be matched by Healing Hands Foundation and the site to deposit is here:

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