Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Go Philanthropic has organized a sponsor for two girls

Today we managed to squeeze in a visit for Lydia, the founding director of Go Philanthropic, for her to meet Thanh who happened to live near where she was staying. It was a brief visit as Lydia and the family were about to leave Hoi An. I waited with Thanh for her and could see she was both nervous and excited about meeting Lydia.

I was excited too as Lydia had just arranged a sponsor for Thanh and for Hang (who lived too far away for Lydia to meet this morning). It was exciting as I now knew they would be able to complete their education and pursue further education or training. They will have futures with more possibilities now.

Thanh's family are very sweet, yet very traditional. They are very supportive of the males in the family being educated, but don't believe a full education is needed by females. They wanted Thanh to leave school against her wishes when she was 16 to go work in a factory.

Hang's parents have died and she has no support so to now have some support is wonderful for her and will enable her to complete school and receive further education or training.

I was connected to Go Philanthropic by two of our very supportive CEF - Vietnam sponsors and now due to this introduction two girls have sponsors. This reminds me of what an American Medicine Woman once told me about how we all weave a web as we go through life and that shows we are interconnnected.

When Lydia met Thanh she had questions but she also introduced herself and talked about being a mother of three as well as being the founding director of Go Philanthropic. I was inspired by what she said. It was wonderful to hear others sharing the same wish just with different words. She expressed how her organization tried to connect those who needed help with those interested in helping. She organizes unique travel experiences allowing people to be involved in worthwhile projects around the world. She believed education and a love of it was important and how Go Philanthropic supports those who loved education and were in need of educational support.

She told us about Thanh's new sponsor who had been blessed to have a mother who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. She was able to fulfill her dreams successfully and now has started the journey of giving back. Thanh and Hang are part of her new journey in giving back and helping others persue their dreams.

Please read about Go Philanthropic: http://gophilanthropic.com
On their site:
“Do not wait for leaders. Do it alone, person to person.”
Quote by Mother Teresa

From my time with Lydia, I would say she lives this herself.

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