Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Girls

Sometimes I work for a short concentrated period doing non-CEF work to enable me to concentrate on CEF work most of the time. What I do is run tours and we all eat our way through beautiful Vietnam. Last week I took a sweet, lovely group of sixteen people on a gourmet culinary tour. We ate, travelled, studied cooking and had adventures......

This was a Gourmet Safari tour with really lovely girls-women(and one man). In honor of this group of lovely people I decided as the charity has some children waiting for a sponsor, that I would use the lovely surprise of some funds they gave me at the end, to sponsor one of the girls in need sponsorship. I also decided that I would continue to sponsor this girl from my salary from tours or with any surprise funds until her education was complete.

The sponsorship is in the name of THE GIRLS sorry I know there was a lovely man too)as I was very touched about their sweetness and thoughtfulness. It was like travelling with lots or sisters (and one brother). They were sweet, gentle, intelligent, kind, generous people. Of course we had some who loved shopping as there are great shopping opportunities, but they all had a great passion for Vietnamese food, for a deep understanding of Vietnam and Vietnamese people, for exploration and adventure.

So THE GIRLS FUND will provide an ongoing sponsorship and perhaps in the future another and another. So for now we have one less girl in need of a sponsor and she has a guaranteed education!

Next I will do a blog on the girl THE GIRLS FUND supports....

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