Monday, April 18, 2011

Five girls in need of sponsors

Ha Thi Cham is sitting with her mother

Cham is eleven and although her parents are healthy they aren't able to earn enough to send her to school. Her education depends upon her having a sponsor to support her complete her education. Her sponsorship is $200 for the next academic year including all school related expenses.

Pham Thi Cham is standing with her mum
Her father has an injury which means he can't work. She has headaches and they can't afford for her to receive any medical advice. They are very poor and Cham needs a sponsor to help her continue her schooling. $200 will pay for the forthcoming year and all school related expenses.

Pham Thi Ngoc Mai is standing with her mum and their bikes
Her parents have left her and gone to work in Ho Chi Minh City as they can't earn enough to feed the family and educate them. Her grandmother is looking after her. She needs help to continue her schooling and $200 will pay all her school related expenses next year.

Pham Thi Tam is standing with her dad
She is healthy but her mother has thyroid cancer and they have a huge debt due to the medical bills. They can't afford to keep Tam in school. She needs a sponsor to help her complete her education. $200 will pay for all her school related expenses in the forthcoming academic year.

Tran Thi Kieu Trang in her bright jacket
This family are very poor as the father can't work as he has a mental problem. They own two beds and hardly have any other possessions and don't ever have enough food. $200 will put Kieu Trang through school next year and that includes $50 food allowance for the family.

Email me if you can help one of these girls through the rest of their schooling or if you have questions.


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