Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Girls Fund Sponsorship

The Girls Fund, a new CEF fund,is sponsoring a delightful little girl called Vy. She is tiny but is 9 years old. Her cousin says since dad has been ill again and in hospital they have less food to eat so "she is smaller than she was".

She is still bouncy, friendly, curious and bright. She seems very sweet and is quite delightful. She is very easy to like!

Vy is coming to the end of grade 4 and in August will start grade 5. She is a good student and likes school; particularly maths and music. She lives in and goes to school in Duy Nghia about a 20 minute boat ride from near where I live on the edge of Hoi An. Their home is mostly completed, but not totally as the father became seriously ill in the process of building the house. They have aliminium sheeting for doors and windows.

Her father has been ill for nearly four years now and hasn't been able to work for three years. He is dying from lung and stomach cancer and the mother can only earn 50,000 vnd per day when she is working selling vegetables at the market. At present that is about 25 cents. With her husband in hospital at present she only works some days and spends the others with him. She is having to borrow against their unfinished home to pay the hospital bill before the hospital will release her husband so he can come home and spend the remainder of his days at home. It is unknown how long he may have left. He is only 44.

Binh, Vy's mother looked tired and unhappy when we visited. She was most gracious but struggled to smile,which was totally understandable. She was greatly relieved to hear CEF would help Vy with her education and related costs.

This CEF fund is called The Girls Fund in honor of lovely ladies I took on a Gourmet Safari tour through Vietnam.

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