Thursday, April 21, 2011


Leslie was new to Hoi An and was here volunteering as an English teacher and was doing a little private teaching too. As she was adventurous she would pop off every so often and explore somewhere new in Vietnam. She was looking for new accommodation after one of her adventures, and it seemed perfect timing for her to be my house-sitter for one to two months while I was running a tour to earn some money and while overseas fund raising and seeing my family.

Well as many of you know, I broke my leg which changed plans rather radically. But Leslie still came to the house and helped out hugely by taking my dog, Zen, for walks each day, feeding her and my cat, and helped looked after the house and me.

She discovered she was allergic to my cat and so needed to move out but waited until I was more self-sufficient to do so. She continued to be helpful by offering her English skills to CEF. Leslie helped do some editing work for me and then worked with Duyen, my CEF assistant. Duyen received help with her grammar, specifically in relationship to writing reports on home visits of CEF children, interviews of new children and the final bios for sponsors. Her help was greatly appreciated and of benefit to Duyen,myself and CEF.

Leslie is about to head off on more adventures in Thailand this time, and then will be returning to her home in the States. I wish her happy adventures and appreciate the unexpected friendship and the CEF support.

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