Friday, August 12, 2011

More photos of the CEF Quang Nam beach outing

These photos are of the children in our Quang Nam sponsorship program. We spent the day at Cua Dai beach, near Hoi An.

It was a real treat for the children; a day for making new friends, eating, having fun, learning water safety and how to float and swim. Everyone who met them on the day commented on what beautiful, sweet and well-behaved children they were.

The photos show them having great fun! They also are of their water safety talk and lessons in floating and swimming with SWIM VIETNAM ( SWIM VIETNAM has taught 1000 children to swim this year and as approximately 10,000 drown each year in Vietnam, this is nothing but excellent news. They helped make it both an educational and a safe day for the CEF children!

These photos are by Elienne who kindly came along specifically to take photos for CEF. He takes wonderful photos of the same subjects as everyone else, but just from a different angle, making them more interesting! Elienne's website:

The children said enthusiastically that they would love to have more lessons at the beach next year. If donations allow us to repeat this wonderful experience, not only will we do it for the CEF Quang Nam children, but also for the CEF children in Danang province.

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