Monday, August 15, 2011

Work Permit

Those two words 'work permit' may not sound very exciting to most people; but they are for me! Today I picked up my first work permit!

This means I can get a longer work visa; at present that is only a 6 month visa, but it's far better than the 1 or 3 month work visas we can get at present with seriously fluctuating prices. It will save both money and time.

It also means I am here as legally as any westerner can be and consequently feels like a more secure situation. Last year we were all told that if we didn't have a work permit within 3 months we would have to leave. With the threat of that hanging over my head I started the procedures, but it took 14 months because it was essential to have the renewal of my charity papers to be able to do it, but they took 14 months! Very little happens quickly here. So this little blue paper called 'work permit' is certainly meaningful and exciting to me.

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