Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nu and Trang can go to school this year

Nu and Trang are sweet, bright girls and their grandmother can not afford to educate them. Now they can return to school and will become educated young women due to two lovely New Zealanders taking on their educational sponsorships.

Their mother died of cancer in 2002 shortly after giving birth to her second child. Their father has remarried and as is often the case in Vietnam, they are not welcome into the new home.

They live with their 70 year old grandmother who has poor health due to war injuries. Although it's difficult for her to walk, she grows some vegetables for their meals. She receives a war pension of $30 from the local government; which is not enough to look after the two girls, let alone send them to school.

Now they have educational support the girls will be able continue their education and be both safe from traffickers, and have a future with many choices.

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