Friday, May 10, 2013

Children's Education Foundation's Australian manager visited Hau who he sponsors

Graeme and Hau

Graeme is both the Australian manager of Children's Education Foundation, as well as a sponsor.

Recently Graeme was here in Vietnam and came on two days of visits to two communities he knows quite well. Hau, who he sponsors lives in one of these communities.

Hau with auntie, granny and part-time staff member Quan

Hau lost both parents at a young age and has been brought up by his aunt, uncle and grandmother who all love him dearly. He has been most fortunate to have caring relatives to take him in.

Graeme covered all of Hau's educational costs which has helped the family hugely. Now Hau is in the process of deciding what next, as he finishes school in a month.

It has been a challenge to get him through school as he is not academically-oriented, but we are thrilled he hung in there and this year he has done better than in the last three years.

Hau with granny who is blind

We look forward to hearing what his decision is and supporting him through the next few years while he does some vocational training or gets a college qualification.

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