Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Phuong has completed school, married and has a gorgeous baby

This is Phuong's gorgeous, healthy baby! Phuong is a young mother of 19; a very good one. She was sponsored through her last three years of school by CEF.

Phuong completed school with CEF's help, and did want to do further studies, but when she got near completing school, the biological urge to marry and have a family was stronger than the desire to study.

We have offered to support her to do vocational training or to go back to studying when the baby is older, but her mother and in-laws want her to work, as they are all very poor.

We are pleased we were able to help her complete school, as when we met her about three years ago, she was going to stop school as mum couldn't afford her education. We can see although she is young, she is a very good mother. Research has shown that girls who complete school make better mothers than those who don't. She is our first school graduate who has chosen to marry and have a family, so it is a new and interesting experience for us.

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