Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fundraising can be sweet

One of our wonderful board members has effortlessly been raising funds for CEF by selling chocolates. Many people have a sweet tooth and nearly everyone loves chocolate!

She says about the selling of chocolates: "Chocolate selling is really quite easy !! They literally sell themselves !!! I order 17 boxes (that is the minimum you can order) $1 chocolates, $2 chocolates and $2.50 block ones…ask friends to take a box …they set up the box in the office or take it to a meeting and people come along and buy them ! I make sure there is no competition in the area I leave them and they are in a position they can be seen… like on a counter or somewhere boring..  l like the photo copy area or somewhere people have to wait.
My partner gets the girl on the front desk where he works to put them out during the day and they are locked up at night …she sells quite a few as does the girls in the front office at my work they just put them out with the money envelope and just keep an eye on them ! Everyone can afford them and they make people happy !!! I leave them with people I can trust …once I make the $540 to pay for the chocolates ( I pay them straight away I get 28 days from the date of delivery) and the rest is profit J about $480 per order and I have just placed my third order.....I actually do very little except deliver the chocolates and collect the money"

This has been wonderful support for CEF and for one particular girl! Funds raised from the chocolate-lovers have made it possible for one teenager to be educated for two years! We are thrilled this is possible as she is from a very poor family and she is a very hard-working student who deserves support to go to high school! Thank you Pam and the chocolate selling team and the chocolate lovers!

If you are interested in some sweet fundraising please do let me know :-)
You can read above how effortlessly these funds have been raised that will help change this teenagers life!

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