Sunday, June 15, 2014

Storms influence decisions - Guest blog by Brian

Many had completed harvesting; while for others the family rice plot was ready to harvest, the humidity was building up alarmingly, the lightning was flickering all around and storms were imminent.

One powerful storm could devastate a rice crop, threatening the family’s ability to feed itself and destroying any chance of the meager cash income that can eventuate from a good yield.

In many village families the woman is left alone to care for the family and tend the crop, while her husband seeks laboring work in the city in an endeavor to gain a cash income.

This was the scenario when the CEF team recently visited Phuc Le to see supported children and discuss their progress with parents. 

Many mothers had this dilemma while we visited this time due to stormy weather: do they get into the rice fields quickly and harvest to save their crop, or stay home to discuss their child’s education and hope for the best. 

Understandably the rice took priority and we managed fine with them gone.  As the children's schooling progresses many of the older children show increasing confidence when dealing with us.  The extraordinary willingness of extended family members and neighbors to assist with the interviews of younger ones demonstrates the strength of family and community spirit in the village.

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