Saturday, December 6, 2014

About the work of a CEF father and a mother

One CEF's girls mother makes Vietnamese sleeping mats. These beautiful mats involve a lot of work; growing the reeds, cutting them, drying them, dying, drying again, and then eventually the time consuming and back-breaking work of weaving the mats. 


One CEF girl's father is a fisherman. His income is unstable due to the seasons here. The result is no income for a few months of the year a moderate income for 2 months, and an unstable one for the remainder of the year. As his income is unpredictable and unstable mum works full time in a factory to try and increase the family income.

When not fishing dad mends the nets which get damaged on a daily basis. This is very time consuming work and if not done well or not done at all results in the loss of fish and income.

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