Friday, December 26, 2014

It's wonderful to look back on the year & all the help & support CEF has received

It is wonderful for us at CEF to look back on the year and to see what we are all able to do together.
Even if we just look at the last few months, we are thrilled to see that many more girls have been sponsored. They are able to stay in school until the end of their education, stay safe, and not be in a vulnerable position with the risk of being trafficked.  These girls really needed the educational support they now are receiving.

These girls have only very recently been sponsored. Their lives will be better, 
with more choices and opportunities. Their carers have expressed how they 
feel a sense of relief and less stress upon learning of the educational support 
for their child or grandchild. 
Several of these children are orphaned and are under the care 
of someone in the extended family and most only have one parent, 
or one parent able to work. Educational support 
makes a big difference in many ways. 

 All the help CEF is giving, we couldn't give if it wasn't for all of you who help in various ways. All our donors, sponsors, board, management, volunteers, fundraisers, advisers and government partners are all invaluable. Without all of you we can do nothing. So thank you to all you for your help and support this year. You have all helped make a difference to the lives of many this year.

CEF's staff also are wonderful and caring people, and their work with your support allows us to carry out your wishes to help the children here in Vietnam.

A big thank you to all of you,

Linda Burn
Founding Director and In-Country Manager - Vietnam
Children's Education Foundation 

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