Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wonderful to see one of the CEF families in their new safe home

Many of the families in Dai Loc have homes that flood and are vulnerable to the storms we get through our autumn that brings strong winds and heavy downpours and sometimes typhoons.
So we are always pleased to learn that the local government has given a contribution to one of the CEF families towards constructing a new home,

This is the old home that flooded easily each year and was destroyed in a bad storm.

Once they have a strong home their health also improves as they are less exposed to the extremes in weather. 

Their new solid,strong home that is well above the flood level

Although this family are thrilled to be safe and not so vulnerable, this new home comes at a price as the local government can only make a contribution, so they have to take out large loans. It means that each of the families who are helped out by the local government, also end up with a debt which creates a different stress. This is the case for this single mother, her mother and daughter.

They still feel it is better to be safe and to have that stress, than to be vulnerable to our unfriendly climate and the consequences of it such as flooding and destruction.