Monday, May 18, 2015

About a visit to one of our CEF children ~ Guest blog by Ngoc

We had a nice time at Kiem’s house. They talked and shared about many aspects of their lives. Last time, they were quite depressed because of the big debt they had from building the house. However, they are now happier thanks to their change of mind. They have a new stable house, which can help them to avoid the heat when it’s really hot, and the wind and rain when it’s stormy, so they know that they are very lucky. Although they still have a huge debt, they have positive thinking that they can work harder to gradually pay it off. Her mother already paid off a quarter of the loan over a year by working all day. It is very fortunate that since they have had a new house to live in, her mother is healthier and fatter enabling her to work harder. I believe that no matter what happens, with their efforts and optimism, they will be always be joyful and ecstatic about their new home and life. 

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