Tuesday, September 8, 2015

International Literacy Day 2015

It's International Literacy Day; a day to acknowledge the importance of literacy!

We at CEF love choosing, buying and then preparing books for the children. We then share the books with the CEF children and other children in their communities. Parents can borrow them too.

In Da Nang we take books to our students homes when we visit them. In Quang Nam students come to the office and borrow books, or they and the other children in their communities can borrow from the boxes of books we leave in the local pagodas in areas where we work, or in the homes of some of the CEF children. One child takes responsibility in the community to educate the other children about book care, sign the books out, and make sure they are returned.

How much this program grows depends on the donations we receive that are specifically for literacy. We are very pleased that more and more children have access to good quality, educational books on a large range of subjects.

We were given many comics which we  then gave to the children at  Hoi An Children's Home 
 One of our tertiary students with some books she borrowed from the CEF office library
 Another tertiary student with books she borrowed from the library at our office
 Books from a recent book shopping trip
 Some of our CEF students reading books they borrowed
 One of our secondary students with books she borrowed
Another of our secondary school students with books she borrowed

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