Sunday, September 6, 2015

Thuy's thoughts about why she wants to help others ~ Guest blog by CEF staff Thuy

When I was a child I wanted to help people because I thought the fairy would come to see me and give me a wish. When I grew up a little bit I knew that the fairy just appeared in my grandmother’s stories and in fairy books and comics, but I was still very happy to help people in that time because I felt that I was strong, brave and intelligent.

Well, it doesn’t mean that I was a really good girl when I was a child. Sometimes my parents asked me to do a good thing, but I didn’t really want to do it. And because I scared that my mother would not be fine with me if I didn’t do it, I had to do it, but with an uncomfortable feeling. However, when the others said “Oh, you are a good girl!” or “You are so kind!”, I felt much better and happier. Now, I still feel ashamed when I think about it. But do you think that if you help people regularly it will become a habit, but you don’t realize it, because has become a habit? I think so.

Thuy with one of the CEF students who lives with her grandmother

Now, I feel helping others is not only helping those people, but also helping myself. It helps me to see, to know and to learn much more about life and people. Some of what I have learned is that life may not be fair to you, but you can change it, and that education is very important to people, and that everyone has different attitudes to difficulties.

I also love to see the smiles of the disadvantaged people, the children and their parents, when they receive support. And I feel extremely content and happy when I know that their lives are getting better. Especially I feel like I am a useful person when I can do something for these people, even it is just a little thing.

Thuy talking with one of the CEF family's

Thuy working with some of the CEF students at our 'Lifeskills Workshop'

“Why I was drawn to helping others”, well, it is simply because it is life and life is meant to be shared.

Thuy taking photos of a new family that was introduced to CEF

Thuy applying sunscreen to one of our  CEF students at our 'Water Safety Day'

Thuy playing with puppies at a CEF child's home

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