Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ngoc reflects on why she was drawn to helping others ~ Guest blog by CEF staff Ngoc

It is really interesting that I am working for an NGO in order to help others at present. I had never thought that I would do this job. I dreamt of being a teacher when I was a child. Then I wanted to be a tour guide when I was in high school and university. Just before graduating from university I was still keen on working in hospitality. Then I changed my mind and decided to work for CEF. Before working full time for CEF I worked part time for a year, and that allowed me to have a chance to find the right work which I love a lot.

Ngoc with one of the babies on a home visit

 Ngoc taking down home visit notes in the courtyard of one of the family's

Ngoc cycling with a  local girl to find one of the homes we hadn't yet visited and didn't know

To be honest, it is really hard to say why I am drawn to helping others although I took part in charity work as a volunteer even before working for CEF. Perhaps it is because it is really a meaningful job that all people want to have an opportunity to do.

Ngoc interviewing a family that had been referred to CEF by the Vietnam Women's Union

Ngoc with one of the girls in the mountains. Small desks had been presented to them by CEF staff for them to use on their beds in their boarding school. 

Ngoc with one of our younger students. This little girl is quite a character although academically challenged as both parents are blind and therefore they can't help her with her homework. 

When visiting a poor family that CEF helps I am able to see their great opportunities when receiving CEF’s support. Without help from CEF a girl may not be able to have any further education. I think “What is going to happen to them next?” And contemplate “How is their future going to be without being educated?” I think helping them to have literacy is really significant allowing them to orient their future into a better one, and escape from poverty as well as have the knowledge and ability to be good people.

Moreover, what do we feel when helping a disadvantaged person and they manage to overcome their obstacles? Obviously, we feel delighted at their success both materially and spiritually. I already experienced this feeling so it is partly the motivation for me to contribute to help others.

Hopefully, more and more people will support CEF so we can continue our great job.


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