Monday, March 21, 2016

Guest blog by Thanh Thuy about the first weeks of her internship with CEF


Hello everyone, my name is Thanh Thuy. I am a final year student at Quang Nam University.
Like my other classmates, I also must do an internship period which lasts 2 months. The contents of the internship program are to train us students to be capable and independent in thought and work. The goal of this internship program is to help us creatively apply the knowledge we have learned into a real life work situation.


We can select the training place ourselves. Most of my friends chose hotels, restaurants or schools to do their internship course at. I decided to give my internship application to Children’s Education Foundation, simply because I am already a part time CEF staff member, and this is a wonderful opportunity for me to enhance my working skills, and especially improve my English skills. This is a marvelous opportunity for me as constantly I am in contact with reality.

Thuy with Stephen Jackel, our US manager

After several weeks working as a trainee, I received a lot of enthusiastic support from CEF’s director and staff. I have joined in on many CEF’s activities such as meeting and communicating with members of Go Philanthropic (CEF’s US partner), and CEF’s USA manager who was visiting, participated in some home visit trips with Linda and some sponsors, helped on the most recent payment day, and had two days of important Nutritional Training with USA trainer, Keryn. We need to be able to talk with families about using their small incomes on nutritious foods. Therefore I have had many chances to listen to and speak with foreigners.

Thuy (on the left) next to Keryn, and the other staff. Keryn taught us about nutrition.

Through having these experiences I feel more mature, as I got many benefits and more knowledge for both my work and my personal life. I saw happy and bright smiles on lovely faces of the children when they received their CEF educational sponsorships, and when some small but significant gifts were given to them from their sponsors. Moreover despite the obstacle of distance of the sponsors, who live halfway around the world, they express warmth, support, pride in the students, and encouragement through their letters which they send over for translation. These poor females they sponsor are helped to overcome their disadvantaged circumstances in order for them to study better and achieve their dream of a good future through being educated.

CEF’s students also consider the presents as their treasures because they are a great spiritual motivation to poor countryside girls.

Although I have just done my first internship weeks, it leaves me with deep impressions and valuable working and life lessons which encourage me to try more in the remaining time. The most important thing is I have to spend much more time to practise my English so I can deal with my working requirements better.

Thank for your reading,
Thanh Thuy

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