Thursday, March 24, 2016

Honesty ~ Guest blog By CEF's Ms Ngoc

Honesty is one of the most significant factors for CEF when working with the sponsored child’s family. It is much easier for us, information is more reliable and it is altogether more relaxed than working with people who do not tell all the truth.

I was impressed with a poor family in Da Nang where I’ve just paid a visit. They have such a difficult situation as the mother looks after 3 children of school age all on her own.

Because of her situation people feel sorry for her and so she occasionally receives some help from other organizations and from government department in order to improve her life. When I visited her home, which actually is a shared room, she told me about the donation of the local military to her family. Due to her situation, they decided to give her some monthly funds for food. She asked me that if she could receive that donation or not, because her daughter already had a sponsorship from CEF. She also told me that she knew CEF might reduce the amount of sponsorship or not help her anymore, however; she read the CEF and family contract and saw an item in it that explained how the family could not receive support from many organizations at the same time. It is brave and honest of her to inform us, so we know clearly about her current situation.

I really appreciate her honesty. For me, it is amazing because not many families tell us about the extra help from others until we ask. Although her family is very poor and her income is never stable she was totally honest.

It is only a simple story but I think you will understand more and understand about the attitude of the poor people.  From my perspective she is an excellent example for her daughters and they are lucky to have such a lovely, honest mother.

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  1. Beautiful story Ngoc and so well written too. It grabs your heart!!