Saturday, March 26, 2016

How two of our CEF students showed their love to their mother ~ Guest blog by CEF's Thuy

On the last International Women’s day, what did you do for your mother, grandmother or for women in your life? Here is a what a 9 year old girl in CEF's education sponsorship program did.

‘This year, my older sister and I had a plan and prepared it well in advance for our mother. Last year, we bought a gift for our mother, which she liked, but she told us that she didn’t want us to spend money on buying a gift due to our poverty. She only wants us to study well. She said our ‘Good’ school results are the most valuable gift for her. We always try our best at school, however, we still want to do something special to our mother. Therefore, this year we decided to do all the housework and home chores and also help with our small stall selling drinks and let our mother have a day off.

On a normal day we often help our family to do some chores, but not all. Our mother has paralyzed legs which makes it difficult for her to do housework. So on Women’s day we woke up earlier and shared the work together. I also had an important duty of buying the most beautiful rose for my mother. My sister washed clothes while I swept and cleaned the floor. We prepared and opened the store for selling. Of course, our father gave us a hand when needed. My mother still wanted to help but we didn’t agree as we wanted her to enjoy that day.

My sister went to the market to get food for preparing the lunch. I cooked rice as this job is very simple and easy. We already prepared all the ingredients and planned to cook food soon. We both knew that we can’t cook well yet. We were worried about that. Our mother appeared and said please let her cook and we can help her. We didn’t want to let our mother work, but more importantly we didn’t want all the family to have bad food. Therefore, this was the only work we let our mother do on that day. We had a beautiful lunch and our mother was very surprised when I gave her a flower. We than washed dishes and did other household chores. My sister and I felt very happy because we could see the happiness on our mother’s face.’

‘Children are the gift of God’, I believe that.

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  1. Thuy...these true stories from you visits and conversations with the girls and their families are so important in telling the world about the work of CEF...well done!!!!