Friday, March 31, 2017

A strong and determined student ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Vy

In Vietnam when a girl grows up without a father, there are a lot of negative effects on her life especially for a girl from an unstable low income family. She may face financial, educational or mental and emotional health issues.
Becoming the main breadwinner her mother certainly faces a lot of difficulties. While the father’s absence does not seem to cause a girl’s school results to be poor it appears that his absence seems to decrease the ability of a girl to attain high results.
There are a lot of challenges for a girl growing up without her father, but some girls in our education sponsorship program have been making sweeping changes in their lives including in their studies.
'D' is a typical example. She has been living in a poor farming family with no man over many years. Tough and difficult though their life is they are always happy and satisfied, seeing that D is not only a good student at school but a strong determined girl. Knowing her mother’s daily difficulties is the biggest motivation making her study really hard to change her future and that of her family. Rather than blaming her family circumstances, D considers them a challenge to overcome. She thinks very differently from most females in Viet Nam preferring a career working with men rather than having a man in charge, because she wants to be more authoritative and more straight-talking as well as showing that a girl like her can get a job which is normally reserved for men only.
One of her big goals after high school is to get into Da Nang University of Technology and Science which only boys usually apply to. She wants to be a quantity surveyor in civil construction, a career that it is thought that women cannot handle. As D says, "Don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done”.

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