Thursday, March 9, 2017

Anti-Trafficking Education ~ Guest blog by CEF's Australian manager Graeme

Photos: Vulnerable minority tribe girl out of school and children working in vegetable fields

Trafficking people has many results, among them are slavery, exploitation and misery. The number of trafficked people around the globe is not easy to calculate, estimates vary from 10 to 35 million. However many there are, it’s too many. We have first hand experience of how vulnerable teenage girls are to grooming on social media leading to some form of slavery, usually sexual.

Our staff have trained with the anti-trafficking NGO Blue Dragon Children's Foundation in Ha Noi and are preparing to run sessions for children and parents who we support. What trafficking is and how it can be recognised is part of their English language course at CEF and we’re looking for other audiences in the Hoi An area the staff can present to.

This video gives a full and confronting view of this terrible trade in human lives:  

If you’d like to help us to raise greater awareness here in Vietnam, especially here in Hoi An or Da Nang and so equip young girls and their parents with essential knowledge about trafficking you can do so, by letting us know of suitable venues to present this important subject, or you can donate on our web page via PayPal or into our bank account, to support our anti-trafficking work. 

We also are happy to present in English to groups interested in supporting anti-trafficking.

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