Tuesday, March 21, 2017

English language development with CEF staff ~ Guest blog by Graeme, CEF's Australian manager

We do a lot of writing at CEF. Hundreds of reports, biographies and letters are written and translated each year. It’s quite a task for our four staff. They are working in their second language producing English that will pass muster with sponsors across the English speaking world and they have to work within a strict time frame so that sponsors receive updates and letters from the girls they are helping in a timely fashion. So, to make all this writing more relaxed and efficient, even enjoyable, I have been working with Ngoc, Thuy, Kim Chi and Vy. They are all keen to write better which means things like more naturally, more accurately and, well, just better. They want to be able to write more complex sentences, have a broader range of vocabulary, use more idioms and make fewer errors. So we work together on their drafts, talk about what makes a blog catch a reader’s attention and play around with sentences to see how many ways we can say the same thing. I love it, and I think they’re having fun too. And now that their writing is getting better, I’m having less work to do editing and Linda receives letters, bios, blogs and reports faster! Win win win.

(Photo is of a couple of textbooks that are being used in the English sessions)

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