Sunday, June 28, 2020

A past CEF sponsorship student gets married ~ Guest blog by CEF's staff Ngoc Do

Ngoc Do who was responsible for Van over two of the six years she was in CEF's sponsorship program shares this good news.

Van, one of CEF’s past students sent me a sweet message to inform us about her wedding day. 

‘On June 26, I am getting married. I won’t do a big celebration so I am sorry that I cannot invite you, Ms. Linda and CEF staff to attend my wedding party. I am writing to you to let you know about this great news.

On this occasion, I would sincerely send my big thanks to Ms. Linda, my sponsor, Mrs. Morwenna and CEF staff for helping and caring for me over my most difficult years. I hope Ms Linda will stay healthy and happy to help many more disadvantaged children.’

She was one of my favorite children because she tried very hard to stay positive and overcome many obstacles in her life. Congratulations Van! I wish her all the best.

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