Friday, June 26, 2020

Today one of our past CEF students is getting married

Van's story was tragic, with dad poisoning her mother, then himself. Leaving her and her brother orphaned, her grandparents then brought up the children, but as they were elderly they had no income. It certainly wasn't a happy household as it was very stained as her grandparents were too poor and too old to take on this responsility.  
We took Van into the sponsorship program and helped her have a high school education and then helped her study to become an art teacher. After four years of working she met the man she wants to marry and today they were married.

She wrote to us about this special day (translated by CEF's Ngoc Do):‘On June 26, I am getting married. I won’t do a big celebration so I am sorry that I cannot invite you, Ms. Linda and CEF staff to attend my wedding party. I am writing to you to let you know about this great news.
On this occasion, I sincerely send my big thanks to Ms. Linda, my sponsor, Mrs. Morwenna and CEF staff for helping and caring for me over the most difficult time in my life. I hope Ms Linda will stay healthy and happy to help many more disadvantaged children.’

Morwenna her sponsor helped change her life and enabled her become an educated and employable young woman. She met Morwenna her sponsor, and Morwenna's two children, two years after graduation. They were thrilled to be able to meet each other at last. 

We wish Van a happy life as she certainly deserves it after all the challenges she has had to face.

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