Sunday, June 21, 2020

Post Covid19

We have been most fortunate here in Vietnam as the government has dealt very responsbily with the recent outbreak of the virus Covid19. There weren't many cases and there were no deaths. They worked very hard to ensure this at a great cost to the countryas they made their people the priority.

We have been blessed to have received some donations which have helped us to help our students and their families during this challenging time of very little or no work. For many now things are getting better, as some factories have reopened due to receiving orders. Some hotes, restaurants and cafes catering to the domestic tourists are open and have mainly weekend business when the tourists arrrive for the weekend.

For many their lives have changed little as they support themselves by farming and by selling their vegetables at the market.  Some of the farming families now are having to support a son or a daughter who is now unemployed though. In most of the areas CEF works there is no tourism, but family members might work in tourism away from their homes.

As our base is in Hoi An, a tourist town, we can see that Covid19 has greatly affected the local community. Many businesses have permanently shut down and a few can afford to stay shut and wait until international tourism resumes. But the town is a little like a ghost town on weekdays when there are no domestic tourists.   

We have all been warned there may be a second wave and we hope this doesn't happen.  Vietnam is working to ensure it doesn't. They were going to open the borders to more people next week, but have announced they have changed their minds due to new cases in China, one of our neighbors.

We thank everyone who has donated to help families during this challenging time and those who have received help are very grateful.

Photos are of a few of our CEF students with Covid19 support funds they have received. 

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