Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Vietnamese New Year

CEF staff wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Vietnamese New Year, Tet!

We all have one and a half weeks off to enjoy the New Year celebrations and time with family and friends. Our students will be off from school and many of their parents will also have time off from work. Others will do doing double shifts in factories to earn extra while many are off and they have this opportunity. For those with little, it's a tough time of year financially, leaving many in debt. 

Tet is considered the most important event of the year. Most Vietnamese believe that how they end and start the new year influences their luck and finances. We help with food parcels with some staples but also special Tet foods to help relieve their financial burden. These we gave recently to most CEF families as most needed that support. We appreciate the donations to have made this possible. The children and families were so grateful! 

To anyone who celebrates Tet we hope you enjoy yours too!


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