Friday, June 3, 2011

A day at the beach for those we have with sponsorships in Quang Nam province

These photos are by Nadine who lives down on the edge of the beach with Huong, her daughter. Most mornings, weather permitting they go to the beach to play. Nadine has taken many pictures showing the beauty of the ocean and the whiteness of the beach. This is where we plan to take all the children who are in our sponsorship program in Quang Nam.

Only one child lives within a kilometre of the beach but most live a 2-3 hour drive away from the sea. So they will be coming from far and wide, and nearby, for this day by the sea; from Duy Xuyen, Thanh Binh, Tam Ky, Nui Thanh and from Hoi An.

We have a few volunteers so far, but still we need more adults to help on this day. A football team may even come together for this event. More adults are needed to volunteer for this outing on August 7th.

We will start with a talk on water safety before they are allowed to get into the water. Swimming lessons will happen too. We have some strong swimmers lined up to help on this day and even more would be appreciated. Some have life saving experience too, althought we hope they won't be needed at all! Besides the talk and swimming lessons - beach games, refreshments, snacks and lunch are planned. There will be some costs for this day so donations would be appreciated to help cover them (banking details are below the list of blogs on the right side).

Do get in touch if you are here in Hoi An and available to help! This will be a day for the children to remember as a special day and I am as excited as I hope the children are!

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