Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miriam and CEF awareness raising in Victoria , Australia

Miriam heads off to Australia very soon. While there she will help raise awareness about CEF, make an effort to raise needed funds and find sponsors for children waiting for an educational sponsorship. She has organized a couple of get togethers with friends and will be doing some presentations.

She is a great supporter and already has done much to help CEF's children. Just a few of the things she has done while here:
Given advice to CEF about some of our more difficult family situations.
Helped try to find out who will care for parentless children when the grandparents pass away (which is a very sensitive issue). She has a way of communicating with them that is very tender and caring.
Miriam also has found sponsors and sponsored a child herself.
She has raised funds for medicine for an ill mother (CEF has organized a sponsorship for the child of this woman) and helped raise funds to relocate a family to a flood-free zone during our rainy season.

We are very grateful for all she has done so far and wish her luck at the meetings and presentations she will be giving in Victoria, Australia.

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