Friday, June 3, 2011

Support for CEF in Gourmet Safari Newsletter

Maeve O'Maera whose business 'Gourmet Safaris' runs culinary tours in Vietnam twice a year. has written a couple of very supportive paragraphs about CEF in one of her newsletters.

To earn some money to support myself while being the director and In-Country Manager of Children's Education Foundation, I work as the tour leader of her culinary tours. Many people on these Gourmet tours are very supportive of CEF with some now being long term sponsors.

The last group I took through Vietnam were very kind and thoughtful and I decided to use some funds they gave me to support a young girl in Hoi An who needs help to be able to receive an education. (See the pictures above.) She is a very sweet and bright girl. Her father is young, but has had cancer for some years and is in and out of hospital. How long he has left is unknown. They no longer can afford her education, so she now will be sponsored for a year by 'The Girls' from the March Gourmet Safari.

This is what Maeve wrote:

Vietnamese Gourmet Safari

"Our group of travelers are just back from a journey from top to bottom of Vietnam, cooking along the way and learning and being indulged along the way. Our groups are spoilt for guides on this safari – we have local Vietnamese guide Long Nguyen who has been with our groups from the start and takes great care of our guests; there’s the bouncy food savvy Peter Nguyen who now lives in Cabramatta and delights in showing us his homeland and introducing us to his extended family. And there’s expatriate Australian Linda Burn whom the angels brought me as a guide.

Linda lives in Hoi An in central Vietnam and has been there for over 10 years. She has had many professions in her life and she’s now head of a charity which helps young girls receive an education – its called the Children’s Education Foundation. ( )

Like Peter, Linda can translate between cultures, opening up the culture and cuisine. She’s terrific.

Linda says the group who travelled with her in March had so much fun they tipped her handsomely – and Linda is putting the money towards educating a beautiful little girl. That’s good karma! See Linda's blog; "

The next Vietnam Gourmet Safari is 11th to 21st September 2011.
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